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Any person who delivers to the exercise fishing in water where apply the legislation and the regulation must justify its membership of an approved association of fishing and protection of the aquatic environment (AAPPMA), concretized by the possession of a card of fishing. This card returns it member of the AAPPMA which it chose. It will have to present it to the agents in charge of the font fresh water fishing (fishery protection ship and technicians of ONEMA, gendarmes etc.).

The statutory contribution

At the time of his adhesion with an association approved for the fishing and the protection of the aquatic environment (AAPPMA), the fisherman pours a statutory contribution whose amount is fixed freely by each association (in addition to the federal share). Each fisherman must discharge the CPMA, therefore to have a card of fishing.

The product of the contributions perceived by association enables to conclude the missions of general interest which entrust to him the law : animation of leisure-fishing, piscicultural management, safeguarding of piscicultural fauna and the aquatic environment. Part of the statutory contribution is transferred at the departmental federation of fishing, in the form of a federal contribution.

The Contribution for the Protection of the Aquatic environment (CPMA)

All the fishermen discharge the CPMA (ex piscicultural tax), in its various forms. In the other hand, it to them is delivered stamps, which must be reproduced on their card of fishing. The product of the CPMA is centralized by the Main road Federations, via the network of treasurers of associations and the federations. This resource makes it possible to set up the actions of safeguarding and restoration of the aquatic environment. No copy of stamps CPMA can be delivered. In the event of loss, the fisherman must again acquire them. Once stuck on a delivered card, stamps CPMA must be obliterated by seal or signature of the agent.


All the permit are available in 1st and 2nd piscicultural category and from the first of january to the 31th of december. All types of fishing (except for women : one line).


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Statutory CPMA : 33.80 € + Contribution : 39.20 € + Reciprocity  : 22.00 € = FULL DISCHARGE : 95 €

  • MINOR (young people of 12 with less than 18 years to january 1st)

Statutory CPMA : 2.20 € + Statutory contribution : 17.80 € = FULL DISCHARGE : 20.00 €

  • CARD DISCOVERED (young people less than 12 years)

Statutory CPMA : 0.50 € + Statutory contribution : 5.50 € = FULL DISCHARGE : 6.00 €


Statutory CPMA : 12.00 €+ Statutory contribution : 19.70 € = FULL DISCHARGE : 32.00 €

  • HOLIDAYS (valid 7 days)

Statutory CPMA : 12.30 € + Statutory contribution : 19.70€ = FULL DISCHARGE : 32.00 €

  • DAY

Statutory CPMA : 3.20 € + Statutory contribution : 11.80 € = FULL DISCHARGE : 15.00 €

For the association of fishing Breil sur Roya, Lantosque, Saorge, La Brigue, Fontan et Tende, it's however advisable to get information locally.


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